Cellular Gambling Summit of 2006

For many years the mobile gambling industry is marching toward the future with big dreams and revenues, and the Mobile Gambling Summit of 2006 is the right place to be if you're interested in this industry. While the American side of the world isn't much affected by mobile gambling, Europe and Asia is quite eager for this new market of advanced betting.

The high revenues involved would leave everyone fixated on the summit which would take place in London. From 26th to the 27th of January all eyes would be set on the Royal Garden Hotel which would host this summit.

In spite of the fact that the Mobile Gambling Summit is a get-together point for entrepreneurs it is not the sole area under discussion on their schedule. For the first time in the history of the mobile gambling world, leaders of the industry shall converse their community errands to the public of gamblers. Restrictions are to be discussed and procedures would be implanted after this crucial summit.

The main issue, beside technological advances made in the last year, would be age restriction and dealing with gambling problems, m-commerce implications and more. The 26th and 27th of January would be an interesting day both for mobile gamblers and to the managers of the mobile gambling industry.

Daniel Hayes, Gambling Writer. 15th of december, 2005.