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Mobile Gambling Now Spreading to Las Vegas Casinos

As found by cellgambling.com Las Vegas Sands Corp. said last week that it is going to be the first Nevada company that offers mobile gambling to it's casino costumers.

The company is the owner of the famous Las Vegas Venetian hotel-casino, and this is the first time that a casino has entered the mobile gambling business. The spokesman for the casino, Ron Reese, said that the casino will enable people to partake in mobile casino games such as poker, craps, slots and blackjack on mobile gambling phones the are available by operator Cantor G & W, and that the mobile betting games might be available before the end of the year.

According to Reese "…we view it (mobile gambling) as one more amenity that sets us apart from others."

Before Las Vegas Sands starts the mobile gambling service, it is planning to run a trial period for it, which will start later this year, after receiving municipal approval. The company stated it is also planning to add mobile gambling services in another major casino, the Palazzo, which is a new $1.8 billion casino resort that is opening in late 2007.

The Nevada Gaming Commission allowed mobile gambling on different devices in any public area of Las Vegas's casinos but not in unsupervised places such as hotel rooms.

Nancy Parker - News Editor