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Finspreads Improves Interactive Platform to Offer Mobile Dealing and Betting Function

On May 21st, 2008, Finspreads, the first ever company to feature fully interactive spread wagering online, announced the launch of their brand new dealing platform and online site to help dealer make the most of the volatility present in the financial markets. Some of the brand new features include a remodeled mobile gambling dealer, a quicker access to research tools and dealing information and a price transparency through the new trades and ordering tickets.

The dealing platform will allow the customers of Finspread to easily connect to their spread wagering account with the use of their mobile phones. The brand new system can be used in any mobile phones, Personal Digital Assistants and other handheld devices with all the capability and customer support available to the user. Finspreads' dealing platform continuously provide streaming costs and quotes up. This will make sure that the customers of Finspread will be sure that the price is right on their opening and closing position.

The Retail Sales manager at Finspreads, Joshua Raymond commented that they will always try to provide the best Internet spread wagering that they could give their customers and they will continue their commitment with cost transparency and easy access with the use of cellular phones or Personal Computer. Raymond commented that their brand new dealing platform features an easy access with all the tools and information that their customers need, whether it is for a seasoned or new trader to spread wagering.


June 03, 2008
Matt Gross