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E! Entertainment Channel Launches Mobile Trivia Game

On March 28, 2007, the well-known E! Entertainment Television launched their first ever mobile trivia game that is based on the E! Entertainment's documentary show, the E! True Hollywood Story, which deals with the lives of Hollywood celebrities.

E! True Hollywood Trivia was made by the UIEvolution. The game will be available for download on mobile phones this spring in April 2007. The game will be an addition to E! Entertainment's offerings of mobile games, which already has video streams and mobile internet access or WAP sites.

The game will put Hollywood fanatics to the test, which contains different celebrity, pop culture, television and movie related questions. The game will be available for download on interested users' mobile phones provided that they pay the monthly fee.

The Hollywood related questions will be sent on a daily basis, keeping the game updated. The trivia will also be available for download on the wireless provider game storefronts in the 2nd quarter of 2007.

The trivia game will also allow the player to have a lot of options in the game. Like the Hollywood headliner which is a single-player game that can be enjoyed by E! customers as a pass and play game. The Daily Dash game will require the player to answer one question regularly.

The Boffo Betting Game will give the players $100 in total funds for betting, with each correct answer adding to their $100 bank roll. The Multiplex Mayhem Game will have players go against each other and even talk with their opponents all over the world.


April 05, 2007
Nancy Parker