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dotMobi Launches DeviceAtlas for Mobile Players All Over the World

On February 12th,2008, dotMobi, the organization behind the highly successful .mobi, the very first and one and only Internet address that is developed to suit the needs of mobile phones, announced the launch of DeviceAtlas, the source of the all mobile handset information in the world for cellular phone developers.

Paul Nerger, the Vice President of Advanced Services and Applications, dotMobi commented that there are a lot of sources for device information but they are not located in a single place and are put into forums and products. DeviceAtlas will provide all of that information like in mobile gambling. All of the major mobile providers in the world like Vodafone, Nokia and others and even mobile developers are working together with dotMobi in order to gather all handset related information so that they make a device content that will possess the most accurate and real time information.

The Head of Technology Management of Nokia Timo Skytta commented that with the debut of DeviceAtlas, it will certainly help web developers and providers to manufacture Internet mobile related products. As they expand their range of offerings like mobile gaming, the device will become a very important tool. Peter Thompson from Vodafone Group Research and Development shares the same views as Skytta.

The DeviceAtlas allows vital information to be passed around with concern organizations all over the world. It also has a free web-based version that users can go into and connect to the local copy of the database of DeviceAtlas with the use of API or an application programming interface for a minimum amount.

The Chief Executive Officer of dotMobi Trey Harvin commented that they are just answering the growing need for a centralized database regarding mobile information nowadays so they are very happy with their accomplishment. The Vice President of Technology for dotMobi commented that they have worked hard into making this product so that a lot of players in the mobile industry whatever their reason may be can benefit from the product.


March 04, 2008
Matt Gross