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Best Direction's Mobile Shoot'em Poker Game

On July 12, 2007, Best Direction, a maker of mobile games and the maker of 300 Bowl, announced the latest game in their series of mobile offerings, Shoot'em Poker, which was developed by BREW(R) for International distribution and JAVA(R) enabled mobile phones.

The distribution of the game was made last Tuesday by Verizon Wireless(R). The capability of the computer and the convenience of mobile phones have enabled the company to remodel the classic poker game and offer it to poker enthusiasts all over the world.

The company's main goal is to continue making top class games for the mobile industry. The Shoot'em Poker game utilizes the skill needed in a poker game and a shooting games. Cards are given to the player and unwanted cards are then thrown out. The replacement playing cards will be shown across the screen. The players are then tasked to shoot at the card they want in a limited time.

Wagering and all of the usual poker rules apply in the game. The combination of high stakes poker and an arcade type shooting game sets the Shoot'em Poker game on a different level from other mobile casino games.

The Shoot'em Poker game was made by Best Direction after a thorough market study of mobile players and what they seek in mobile phone entertainment. The Shoot'em poker game is not just an ordinary mobile poker game that changed the image of the poker table and faces of the characters in the game.

Dex Matheson, the President of Best Direction Incorporated, said that the Shoot'em poker game remodels the game of poker into the 21st century. The combination of the capability of computer and the mobility of cellular phones has improved the game for poker fans. The company's goal is to continue developing outstanding games for the mobile industry.


July 22, 2007
Matt Gross