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The Development of Online, Mobile Gaming in Norway

On June 28th, 2008, the online gaming industry in Norway has improved by 6.1 percent in 2007, according to the records released by the Norwegian Gaming Commission. Around 244,000 Norwegian citizens played on online casinos last year, mobile gambling to sum of 961 million euros.

The Norwegian lottery was the most popular gambling choice with around 48 percent of gamblers picking the online option. This was followed by Internet poker sites with around twenty-eight percent and online sports wagering at twenty-seven percent. Around 82.9 percent online gaming profits was earned by foreign gaming providers with state gambling operators Norsk Risktoto and Norsk Tipping earning $258 million from players.

The online gaming study that was made with 10,000 Norwegian citizens that belongs on the age group of sixteen years old-seventy-four year old shows that twelve percent of adult males had played on Internet casinos during 2007 compared with around two percent of adult females. Around nine percent of adult players are in favor of playing with the use of their mobile phone because it is more convenient especially if you do not have the opportunity to log-in on an online casino to enjoy and play.

The result of these studies showed good time for offshore gaming companies although Norwegian officials will not be happy as they try to maintain a semblance of control to the gambling activities of Norwegian citizens.

Tronde Griske, the Minister of Culture and Churches will be disappointed following his previous actions to ban online monetary transactions with overseas gaming providers. But one thing is for sure, Norwegian gaming is here to stay whether gaming critics like it or not.


July 17, 2008
Matt Gross