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Daniel Negreanu is the New Endorser and Consultant for UK Mobile Gaming Company I-Play

On April 28, 2007, I-Play, a company based in the United Kingdom that makes mobile gaming products, signed poker pro Daniel Negreanu for the launch of their new poker products and poker tutorial videos. With an exceptional A.I., the software is considered to be world class and has been carefully tested by Negreanu by playing against the A.I. bots.

Negreanu also gave a concise review of the game and commented that it is excellent software, very different from most mobile games that are out in the market today. With features like hand statistics and requirements, the software also showcases a guide feature, which when utilized, will bring out Negreanu to explain the best move in that situation so it will be a great tutorial tool, especially for beginners.

The tutorial videos will be available for the customers of I-Play. Negreanu recorded around one hundred ninety second poker tutorial videos from the Venetian in Las Vegas, which covers many of the situations that poker players can find themselves in.

Aside from tips for beginners, the video tutorials will also show different tournament techniques, like for a poker no limit hold'em tournament. The clips are expected to be released on June 2007 with the launch of the mobile poker phone game in December 2007.


May 13, 2007
Nancy Parker