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CRE8 Limited and Mobile Gaming Solutions PLC Announces Mobile Partnership

On November 6th, 2007, CRE8 Limited, a provider of content, mobile and network options for mobile providers and even media organizations all over the world and Mobile Gaming Solutions PLC, a provider of mobile and interactive television, announced a joint collaboration to give a variety of interactive mobile gambling solutions for different kinds of people and organizations.

The two organizations will collaborate with one another to push for different market and sales activities. The companies will also endorse different mobile gambling option. The plan will integrate the Mobile Gaming Solutions' portfolio of mobile lottery and other casino games and even quizzes and slot machines.

The operational hub of the company is fully connected with mobile gaming operators and media organization in the Latin American continent. The mobile gaming circuit is fast improving. Analyst Company Juniper Research predicts that the industry of mobile gaming will grow to $16.6 billion by 2011. Last year, mobile gaming produced $1.4 billion in total bets.

CRE8 and Mobile Gaming Solutions are in a good position to address these demands. Juha Kiikeri, the Chief Executive Officer of Mobile Gaming Solutions said that they are happy with their partnership with CRE8 because they share the same goals. They could give more options to their customers with this partnership.

The Chief Executive Officer of CRE8, Christopher Tiensch commented that they are contented to cooperate with Mobile Gaming Solutions because the company has a good track record regarding mobile gaming services. The collaboration with Mobile Gaming Solution will further improve their position to give their loyal customers what they want.


November 18, 2007
Nancy Parker