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Centrebet Offers Mobile Phone Betting

On November 19th, 2007, online gaming and betting organization Centrebet International Limited expects that a brand new cellular phone wagering service will help push up profits and expand their customer base.

Centrebet International commented that the brand new service was the first one in Australia and that they hope to have half of their customers regularly utilize it within two years. The product features a free software that will allow users the ability to check on the latest ongoing sports and horse racing probabilities and place wagers with the use of their mobile phones.

Centrebet managing director Con Kafataris commented that they are predicting a significant profit improvement over time because of the product's mobility and accessibility and the increased patronage of customers of their other mobile products that are Java-based. He said that they are also confident that the friendly service that will help attract gamblers as well as sports enthusiasts who just want to wager on the odds as part of the whole experience.

The brand new feature was featured at the 2007 Spring Racing Carnival. Centrebet produced a total of $58.9 million last year, an improvement of 26% on the period and with a net profit of $11.8 million.

Shares of Centrebet grow 8c higher or 4.3% to $1.94. Last week, the company's stock hit a year low of $1.78 because of an equine influenza outbreak. In April 2007, the stock reached $2.76.


December 03, 2007
Nancy Parker