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Cell Phone Gambling Will Grow By 2012, Says Juniper Research

November 14, 2007. The Juniper Research Organization has issued a special report stating that an enormous growth for mobile gambling is expected by the year 2012.

The said research group in England has come up with the conclusion that a worldwide gross returns as a result of the increasing trends in mobile gaming services will increase from the current $106 million to $3.2 billion in the year 2012.

The research by Juniper, via its author Dr. Windsor Holden, states that mobile gaming services like for example mobile lotteries, betting and cell phone payment facilities will be embraced more by the European State lotteries, to follow suit the Far East's gradual acceptance of mobile lotteries through the years.

Considering that United Kingdom is by the far the biggest market for mobile gaming services, Juniper Research Organization foresees that by 2012, United States could pass the UK, and gives suggestions for market liberalization and proposes legislative amendments in continental Europe.

According to the research, the rise of 3G and multi-media phones could also help in a stronger growth of mobile slot machines and tournaments in the future.

Dr. Holden cited many internet casinos have already partnered or have plans of entering into partnerships with mobile companies.

He mentioned Probability, a company focusing on mobile technology to market its casino products.


December 25, 2007
Nancy Parker