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Zone4Free and Two Way TV Present a New Cell Phone Lottery Game

Zone4free, a UK based cell phone gambling technology provider has collaborated with Two Way TV, another UK based company that develops mobile-media solutions and the two declared on the 4th of March about their intention to penetrate the cell phone gambling market of Australia with a new service of cell phone lottery games.

The two developed a mobile lottery service for the Australian cell phone gambling market, and even though in Australia there are voices against cell phone gambling their service is predicted to make high revenues since the global mobile betting market has a very high potential and the Australian market is no different. The mobile lottery service was described as "flawless" and now the companies are on their way to conquer the market.

Zone4free is not new to the cell phone gambling market and in its portfolio there are numerous other mobile games and services along with mobile keno games or scratch cards based on Java or SMS technologies. Two Way TV's portfolio is also diverse with operations such as the Celebrity Big Brother for the British Channel 4 or the Antiques Roadshow for the BBC.

Zone4free's CEO Shimon Citron has stated that "We trust the benefits of our mobile Lottery services will be important… thanks to the handiness, user-friendliness, and trustworthiness of our cell phones gambling solutions.

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Joan Davis. Editorial staff 3/9/06