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25 Suspects Arrested in Bohra for Illegal Cricket Wagering

On March 24, 2007, a suspected bookmaker and 24 other suspects were arrested by police officers in 2 separate raids. The suspects were allegedly placing wagers on the cricket match between India and Sri Lanka at the Cricket World Cup.

The alleged bookmaker, Shailesh Bohra was receiving wagers on the crucial tie between the 2 opposing countries from his residence in Tardeo, located in South Mumbai, according to the Deputy Commissioner of Police Enforcement Sanjay Mohite.

Officers seized 4 cellphones, used for mobile gambling on cricket, a total of Rs 70,000 in total cash, 2 color TVs and gambling related documents. In another raid conducted at a club in the Chembur area, which is just Northeast of Mumbai, police officers arrested around 24 suspects for betting on the cricket match.

Officers confiscated 11 mobile phones, a TV and wagering papers. Mohite said that the club is officially registered as a social club, but after the police raid it was discovered that the club hosts activities that are related to gambling and wagering during cricket matches. Officers are currently looking for the owner of the club who has gone into hiding.

Bohra was arraigned at the Metropolitan Magistrate Court and entrusted to the Police Department's custody until March 28, 2007. The other suspects were kept in police custody until March 26, 2007. Officers said that they also arrested suspects in Mahim on March 17, 2007 for allegedly accepting wagers on the match between England and New Zealand.


April 04, 2007
Nancy Parker