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Malaysian Police stopped illegal gambling

The Police force in the Sabah Province in Malaysia has captured this year approximately 574 computers from 66 illegal gambling ventures. Gambling activities were being conducted illegally in these premises.

According to the statement of ACP Rowell, the Chief of District police, 67 people involved with illegal gambling activities related to these case, have been afterwards arrested. He added that presently, 51 police officers have been going through nine premises suspected of illegal gambling at the same time and captured approximately 205 gambling machines and computers.

Beside that, the Chief of District police stated that the police officers had to force their way in, in order to check six premises suspected of conducting illegal gambling activities. The police officers noticed that in those premises the lights were never off and the gambling machines were still in working conditions.

According to the statements of the police officers who have been present at the raided premises, the owners of those machines and premises had made it out and ran away before the police could get inside.